Sial Canada ’17 - Food & Beverage Trade Show

During the first week of May, not only did the most important event in the entertainment world happen (Met Gala), one of the most well-known national food trade show also took place- which was SIAL Canada. With over 850 national and international exhibitors, SIAL Canada is a showcase event in the Canadian agrifood industry.


We attended the trade show and may I just say, there was so much food! Since the event was hosted at the Enercare Centre, there was 240,000 sq. ft filled with different cuisines. There was so much good food that we were already full halfway! Out of all the delicious tastings, there were of course, some highlights during the event. Here are some of the brands that stood out to me.


Personally, I’m not much of a junkie. I try to stay rather healthy when I eat snacks too. When we came across Spokes, say no more - I fell in love instantly. Instead of the traditional way of making chips, these potatoes were baked in the oven. The taste of these puffed chips tasted so light yet flavourful. Eating them didn’t feel fattening at all! If you ever see them, make sure to buy a pack and try them! My favourite flavour was their Barbeque.


Trying so much food had us extremely quenched. We walked by this brand called Nai which featured tea that uses all natural ingredients. Their tea is also infused with flavours that are distinctly Arabian. Even though they were featured as a cold tea, you can also heat them up and drink it hot! All their flavours taste so natural and arent's as sugar based as other tea drinks.

Flavours: 1. Peach, Mango & Jasmine 2. Hibiscus, Pomegranate & Rose 3. Lemon, Mint & Orange Blossom.


Then came the Iberico section. The amount of Iberico samples there were shocking. We tried as much as possible. Serrano Imports had a row of different types of Iberico and it tasted amazing! It was different types of smokiness and flavours all lined up one after another.


I personally don’t drink energy drinks but let me tell you how awesome this one is. Acáo is from Germany and trying to expose their brand to the North American food industry, and their energy drinks are like no other. It did not taste strong like Red Bull. Describing their taste would be describing the taste of 7Up. It was light and refreshing, with a hint of lemon/lime flavour. If you ever see them in stores, you must try it!

All in all, the rest of the exhibitors were all really awesome and had such amazing products. Make sure to check out SIAL Canada when you have a chance next year!

Guest Contributor Joyce Li (@foodie_joycee)

Just another girl who loves to eat her heart out.

Photographs by Brian Suor (@briansuor)