The Good Son - Spring Menu Tasting

With the warmer temperatures just around the corner, we were lucky enough to attend the Spring Menu Tasting at The Good Son. All I can say is, you really taste the spring in the food! Everything tasted light and favourable in every bite. Their food is made with seasonal organic produce, free range and hormone free products. Look out for their spring menu coming soon. These dishes are all a must try!


To start off for appetizers, we had the Scallop Sashimi. Not only did it taste fresh, it had a tangy flavour of orange which tasted almost fruity. Definitely something I’ve never tasted before but somehow the flavours complimented really well the scallop.


Next, we had the Sea Bream Aguachile with a side of taro chips. The citrus really brought out the flavour of the sea bream - not a fishy flavour but a freshness that brought out the sweetness of the fish. Adding a sprinkle of pomegranate to the presentation really gave the green dish a pop of red.


You can never go wrong with the good ol’ Wild Mushroom Tagliatelle with Grana Padano shavings on the top. Simple yet tasteful.


With their wood-fire grill imported all the way from Italy, there’s no excuse to not try one of their wood-fire grilled dishes. We tried the Wood-Grilled Chicken which was surprisingly moist. It was juicy and sweet drizzled with maple/soy jus and cashew butter on the side.


After two entire mains and a food baby already in the making, we still had one more main to try - Sarsaparilla Side Rib. The rib was nice and tender and brought a smoky taste to it. Topped with pork rinds, the ribs sat on a bed of hominy grits. Everything in the dish was balanced just so.


After all that deliciousness, a good dinner isn’t good without dessert. Enter the classic Dark Chocolate Cremeux with Brutti Ma Buoni. We dipped the brutti (hazelnut flavoured biscuit) in the chocolate cremeux giving the dish a wonderful hazelnut and chocolate flavour.


Contributor Joyce Li (@foodie_joycee)

Just another girl who loves to eat her heart out.