Olives From Spain Tapas at Gourmet Food and Wine Expo

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The annual Gourmet Food and Wine Expo took place in Toronto last week and I had a chance to visit the Olives From Spain booth. Chef Luis Valanzuela and his team from Carmen whipped up some delicious tapas with different varieties of Olives from Spain. I got to speak to the chef himself to learn about his love for both eating and cooking with Olives. My favourite thing I ate that night was an irresistible Pintxo de Jerez, a skewer with manchego cheese, quince, jamon serrano and juicy Hojiblanca Olives, a widely popular variety in the country of tapas. Check out my full interview with Chef Luis below and make your own Pintxo with the recipe that Chef Luis shared with me.

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Interview with Chef Luis Valanzuela at the 2018 Gourmet Food and Wine Expo

What's your favourite type of Olive from Spain?

Chef Luis: All of them are my favourites, but if I had to pick one, Hojiblanca are my favourite.

How do you like to eat your olives?

Chef Luis: With my mouth! I love them plain, the best! or in a Tapenade.

What are you cooking today at the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo?

Chef Luis: We made one of my favourite Pintxos with Manchego Cheese, Quince, Jamon Serrano and a beautiful Hojiblanca Olive from Spain. Best paired with a dry sherry, delicious.

Which dishes at Carmen do you recommend that feature olives from spain?

Chef Luis: One of my favourite dishes at Carmen is another Pintxos, with a Gordal Olive from Spain paired with Jamon Serrano, Guindilla Peppers and a pickled onion. At the restaurant, we also add grilled shrimps to it. Must try.

Is there a dish or recipe you would recommend for people who are new to the flavour of olives?

Chef Luis: Yes, I would recommend Tapenade. You just have to chop up some Olives, add a little bit of olive oil and a little bit of vinegar or lemon juice. Really nice.

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Olives From Spain Pintxo de Jerez Recipe by Chef Luis Valanzuela

Portion Size: 4 small pintxos


  • Manchego cheese 4 months old 80 grams

  • Black Hojiblanca Olives From Spain 80 grams (4 pieces)

  • Quince Paste 60 grams Jamon Serrano 12 months 100 grams

  • Jamon Serrano 12 months 100 grams


1. Cut Manchego cheese on small squares 1 cm by 1 cm.

2. Cut quince paste the same size as Manchego cheese. Set aside.

3. Cut Jamon Serrano, and roll into cylinder.

4. Place on a skewer Black Hojiblanca, Manchego cheese, Jamon Serrano, quince paste. Make

sure the quince is set to be the last ingredient on the skewer, as the sweetness of it will over

shadow all the other flavours.

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