Snacking On Nestlé SNAX

nestle snax smarties kit kat

The new SNAX line from Nestlé is the perfect snack to share with friends and family.  They’ve combined some of their popular chocolate candies with nuts, pretzel and popcorn to make 3 delicious sweet and salty snack mixes that both kids and adults will enjoy. The Snax line features KITKAT and Smarties in a brand new snack format that is convenient to serve at get togethers. With a mix of Smarties, honey almond clusters, roasted almonds and little pretzel bites, the SMARTIES SNAX was our favourite. If you’re a fan of KITKAT, the KITKAT SNAX comes with KITKAT bites, caramel popcorn, roasted almonds and pretzels.  The combinations of sweet and salty flavours, along with a lot of crunch make these the perfect snack to serve while watching the game with friends or when you just can’t decide between a sweet or salty snack.

nestle snax smarties sweet and salty

The Nestlé SNAX line is available in large format bags (120g for KITKAT SNAX, 160g for SMARTIES SNAX) that can be easily poured into bowls for sharing. Wondering where you can get some? Don’t let the cold weather stop you from satisfying your SNAX cravings, as they can be delivered directly to your door.  If you want some SNAX now, they’re conveniently available on Amazon.

nestle snax large format smarties kitkat

*Please note that this post has been brought to you thanks to a paid partnership with Nestlé, all thoughts and opinions are our own.*