Pokito Canada - Fresh Poké Creations

The Poké & Sushi Burrito trend has really hit Toronto this summer. The craze started with food trucks and pop-up stores serving some delectable fresh seasoned sashimi in burritos or a top of rice bowls. It’s easy to see how the concept of Mexican burritos/bowls & salads has translated into the Hawaiian poké dish being incorporated into burritos as well. Pokito - 420 Queen St W

I had the pleasure of trying some of Pokito's (420 Queen St W) fresh Poké Creations. They feature 6 signature bowls/burritos and you can choose to create your own.

I decided to try ‘Spicy Salmon’ in a rice bowl and ‘The 420’ in burrito.


Pokito - Signature Spicy Salmon

Their signature ‘Spicy Salmon’is in spicy mayo sauce with sweet onions, edamame, and seaweed salad.I added crab salad, corn and tamago (Japanese egg). For bowls you can choose to have rice or soba noodles.


Pokito - 420 Sushi Burrito

‘The 420’ contains both tuna & salmon in a ponzu lime sauce, sweet, onions, cucumbers & Hawaiian guacamole.

I’ve tried other sushi burrito places where they just put all your ingredients and fresh fish on top of the rice and then squirt on some sauce after and roll it up. Personally, I find Pokito’s way of preparation more flavourful because they mix your protein with the sauce first allowing it to be distributed thoroughly. I really enjoyed both the burrito and bowl and will be sure to return.

Pokito - Pina Colada Whip Float

Don’t forget to try their Pina Colada Whip Float as well!

Pokito x Good Food Toronto