McDonald's Canada McTasters

Have you tried the new McTasters from McDonald’s? These snack size sandwiches come in 2 spicy flavours- Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken and Mexican Chipotle Burger.  I’m always interested when McD’s launches new sandwiches, especially when they are under $3.  I went to the Mcdonald’s down the street with a few friends and we ordered a bunch of McTasters to try.  The Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken McTaster has a crispy junior chicken patty, while the Mexican Chipotle Burger has a beef patty.  They both have a nice kick and it’s nice to see that Mcdonald’s is not afraid up the spice level.  The sandwiches are a bit bigger than the size of value menu sandwiches like the Junior Chicken or McDouble, but the tastier paprika and sesame ciabatta buns really set the McTasters apart. Both sandwiches also have elements of crunchiness with crispy tortilla chips in the Mexican one and crisp veggies in the Thai one. McDonald's Canada - McTasters


The snack size McTasters are $2.99 each and available at McDonald’s across Canada until Nov. 13. I really enjoyed both McTasters and have noticed that Canadian McD’s use superior sandwich buns compared to McD’s in other countries.  Props to the bread people at McDonald’s Canada.