Lobstahpalooza 2015

Lobstahpalooza 2015 is happening this Sunday! Chef Matt Dean Pettit and Samuel Adams Beer will be hosting the giant Lobster Boil party in Kensington Market, behind El Gordos Food Market on Sept 27, 1-8 pm.  If you haven't met Matt before, he is the big boss at Rock Lobster, Matty's Seafood Brand and also a die hard Blue Jays fan (playoffs here we come)! I had a chance to attend the media preview and it was lobster madness.

Tickets for Lobstahpalooza 2015 are $50 each and guests at Lobstahpalooza 2015 will be enjoying a tasty seafood feast, including oysters at the raw bar and a full East Coast lobster boil, with delicious sides. Rock Lobster Ceasars, Samuel Adams Beer and Thomas Lavers Ginger Beer will be available to wash down all the lobster. Tickets include 2 beer tickets!  There will also be live bands, DJs, and a 50/50 Charity draw to support The Stop Community Food Centre.

The media preview I attended was a small outdoor dinner where we enjoyed a lobsters cooked by Matt himself.  We devoured an entire lobster boil meal that consisted of a whole market lobster, fresh buns from Blackbird Baking Co. and mom's potato salad- possibly the most impressive potato salad I have seen.  We also had a chance to try some retail packaged Lobster Rolls from Matty's Seafood Brand.  These were delicious, especially considering they are ready to serve and readily available at Sobey's Supermarkets. The meal was quite messy, but more than satisfying!  Special thanks to Matt for teaching me how to take apart my lobster- my lobster shucking skills have improved greatly since!

Photo Credits: Rey Pan, EatNMingle.com

Tickets be purchased at: https://lobstahpalooza2015.eventbrite.com

LobstahPalooza 2015 #saminhand 
Sept 27, 2015
214 Augusta Ave, Kensington Market 
Behind El Gordos Market