Introducing: McDonald's Mighty Angus Burger

The first item on the Mcdonald’s menu in 1967 was a hamburger and since then, McDonald’s has served over 300 billion burgers to hungry customers worldwide! I have seen McDonald’s Canada introduce new items in recent years including different wraps and salads, but it’s safe to say that burgers are their “bread and butter.” This year marks the launch of the new Mighty Angus...a big, badass, beefy burger created with beef lovers in mind. 

I was invited to attend the launch of the Mighty Angus at McDonald’s Head Office in Toronto, along with a handful of other bloggers and McDonald’s fans. The party took place at their head office’s in-house McDonald’s restaurant, where new items are created and where staff can grab food at work! A giant version of the Mighty Angus was available for guests to take pictures with and there was even a light box station with a perfectly stylized Mighty Angus for those looking for the perfect Instagram picture. 

The Mighty Angus is McDonald’s Canada’s most recent addition to the permanent menu. It consists of a third-pound 100% Angus beef patty, sourced from Canadian farms. Quality of beef was taken very seriously when creating the Mighty Angus and a Canadian Beef Grading Agency representative is on hand every time McDonald’s makes Angus patties. I had a great time learning about the new burger and jumped at the opportunity to make my own Mighty Angus in their kitchen! I tried to sneak two Angus beef patties into my burger to create the Ultimate Mighty Angus, but unfortunately, it was removed during the quality control stage.

The Mighty Angus sits in between a sesame & poppy seed bun, topped with smoky Angus aioli, smoked bacon pieces, leaf lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and grilled onions. It’s quite a hefty burger, loaded with the taste of beefiness and smokiness in each bite. It’s one of my current favourites from McDonald’s and I’m happy to see McDonald’s sticking to what they do best...burgers.