Iögo Yogurt- Large Format Pouches

Yogurt is a big part of my diet. I eat it in the morning, but also love it as a late night healthy snack. If you live in Canada, you have probably tried or heard of Iögo yogurt. Iögo just launched new Big Format Pouches for some of their tasty yogurt flavours. The new containers use a plastic pouch with a resealable cap, which allows you to use as much as needed and keep your yogurt fresh. The packaging can hold more yogurt (750g- 975g depending on the flavour), is flexible and recyclable. You can bend and squeeze the pouches to get out every last drop of delicious yogurt! 

The big format pouches are especially convenient for cooking, making smoothies, or for people who just want a big bag of ready to eat yogurt in the fridge. Iögo’s big format pouches come in three varieties: 

Iögo Original (975g)- Original recipe of creamy yogurt. Flavours: Vanilla or Strawberry 

Iögo Probio (875g)- Probiotic yogurt with 25% less sugar than Iögo Original. Flavours: Vanilla or Strawberry 

Iögo Greek (750g)- Thick and creamy greek yogurt with 18g of protein per serving of 175g 

Iögo yogurt can be used in many recipes including smoothies and banana bread. My favourite way of eating yogurt is either by itself or mixing it with fruits and granola. Sometimes, I even like to mix different yogurts together for a really crazy snack. I recently made a Matcha Yogurt Parfait using the Iögo Original big format yogurt. This healthy yogurt treat can be eaten as breakfast, snack or even after dinner dessert. The addition of matcha green tea powder and fruits ensures you get a healthy dose of antioxidants and probiotics. Check out my Matcha Yogurt Parfait recipe and make your own at home (you can substitute items in the recipe to make your own custom Iögo yogurt parfait. 

Matcha Yogurt Parfait

300g Iögo Original Yogurt - strawberry or vanilla (~1/3 of the big format pouch) 
5 Strawberries- chopped up 
5 Blueberries 
1 Tablespoon Matcha Green Tea Powder 
1 Teaspoon Honey 

1. In one bowl, mix half the yogurt with the Matcha Green Tea Powder and Honey until smooth 
2. In another bowl, mix half the yogurt with the chopped up strawberries (save some chopped strawberries to garnish at the end) 3. Use a tall, clear glass or cup and carefully layer the green tea yogurt mixture and the strawberry yogurt mixture 
4. Alternate each layer, until all the yogurt is used up 
5. Garnish the top layer with the blueberries and the strawberries saved from earlier 
6. Take a picture of your creation 
7. Eat