Introducing: Kavi Reserve Cold Brewed Coffee Whisky


Looking for a fun new drink for the weekend? Kavi Reserve fits the bill as they combine two of Toronto’s favourites to create the first Cold Brewed Coffee Blended Canadian Whisky. This 36.2% Spirit is made locally in Ontario. The Kavi Reserve team is headed by Jackie DeMarco who had a goal of creating a fun spirit that could be enjoyed on its own, but versatile enough for whisky based cocktails.


All the magic happens at the Wolfhead Distillery in Amherstburg, Ontario, where they use a handcrafted process to mature the whisky with flavours that complement their rich cold brewed coffee blend. Lots of care is taken into the making of the cold brewed coffee with a brewing process that takes two and a half days.


The unique blend makes for an easy to drink whisky, perfect for new whisky enthusiasts. The notes of coffee, oak, chocolate and vanilla adds an interesting flavour profile to cocktails.  Mix it with a some Cola to make a Kavi Cola, or with Ginger Ale to make a Kavi Ginger- both simple delicious over ice. The mellow coffee aroma is a nice touch for cocktails and the smooth finish keeps you coming back for more.


We recently ran into the Kavi Reserve team at the Toronto Wine and Spirit Festival, where they were serving up delicious Old Fashioned Cocktails that were a hit with event goers.  You can grab a bottle of Kavi Reserve at LCBO with an affordable retail price of $29.95 for a 750 ml bottle.


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