5 IPA’s to try on IPA Day

August 3rd marks IPA Day!  This annual celebration of India Pale Ale beer is a big day for the craft beer community.  Craft brewing has blown up in Toronto over the years and continues to grow as new breweries and brewhouses keep popping up around the city, with many carrying their own IPA’s on tap.  Beer lovers everywhere will be celebrating the bold, hoppy flavours of their favourite IPA’s. If you’re looking for a food pairing, the bitterness of IPA’s complements salty foods with strong umami flavours such as steak, venison and spicy Thai food. Here are 5 IPA’s that we think you should definitely try.

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.'s - Fulltime IPA: A dark golden unfiltered IPA option from Beau's. Has Floral & tropical aromas. The mix of hops creates bitterness that is well balanced while not overpowering.

Goose Island Beer Co.'s - Goose IPA: Has sweet aromas with a malt flavour. Balanced IPA with lighter hop flavour. It's a great go to Summer IPA that you can just keep drinking! Leaves a crisp & clean finish on the tongue.

Muskoka Brewery's - Detour: Light hoppy flavour with citrus notes. Truly refreshing sessionable IPA.

Collective Arts Brewing's - IPA No.2: Creamy smooth pour. Flavours of stonefruit & pine notes make this beer fruity yet bitter like a traditional IPA. Medium heavy mouthfeel.

Amsterdam Brewery's - Boneshaker IPA: This unfiltered IPA is packed with flavour. The deepest & darkest of all our IPA picks. This Toronto brewed beer is spectacular if you're a hops head. The flavour is complex & rich. Not as sessionable as other beers, but makes a great treat.