Bake Code Launches Brunch Menu and Molten Mooncakes

bake code charcoal croissant breakfast sandwich

Bake Code just launched a brand new brunch menu and it’s filled with fun, innovative and delicious breakfast sandwiches.  The popular Euro-Asian bakery chain has mostly uptown locations in Toronto and is known for creative fusion pastries like salted egg yolk filled croissants. Making breakfast sandwiches with their delicious baked goods was waiting to happen. Check out the deliciousness up close in my friend @foodoshi’s videos below.

Former Holt Renfrew Executive Chef Matthew Hickey came up with the breakfast sandwich concepts including an Eggs Benny Crossiant-wich that sits on their charcoal croissant and for those who like sweets, the Strawberry Banana French Toast Sandwich is a fun choice. They also have a house made Shitake Bagel Sandwich and of course an Avocado/ Scrambled Egg Sandwich if you need that avocado fix. With mid autumn festival happening this week, Bake Code also launched some new age mooncakes that ooze out molten salted egg yolk.