The First Blue Wine in Ontario - Naked Grape Blue

naked grape blue wine ontario

With the release of Naked Grape Unoaked Blue, the Blue Wine trend that originated from Spain has now found its way to Ontario. Naked Grape’s Blue Wine is made from a blend of many varietals of white wine, with added natural flavours and colouring to give it a bright blue colour. Some wine connoisseurs may be turned off because it’s more of a wine beverage than a wine, but it’s definitely a fun drink, perfect for the patio and apparently quite popular on Instagram. You may have heard of Gïk, a blue wine from Spain that was the first of its kind in 2015.

naked grape blue wine iyellow
naked grape blue wine slushy iyellow

Iyellow Wine Club recently held an all blue launch party for Naked Grape Blue Wine in Toronto and I got to try their blue wine for the first time.  The bright blue color is striking and the wine has a tropical taste that is best enjoyed as a sweet summer wine cocktail or as a blue wine slushy. Naked Grape’s Blue Wine is the first blue wine from Ontario and unlike other blue wines, doesn’t leave your mouth stained blue. You can try the Naked Grape Unoaked Blue Wine for $10.45/ bottle at Wine Rack. Check out the gallery below for more pics from the Blusé All Day party at Iyellow Wine Club.