Union Chicken Summer Menu Launch


Long gone are those childhood memories of heading to Swiss Chalet for rotisserie chicken. Union Chicken located at Sherway Gardens Mall is THE place to go to satisfy that clucking craving. Not your typical mall restaurant, when you enter Union Chicken you’re greeted by a country hipster vibe with chicken trinkets scattered about and a wonderful breeze from the patios large garage doors. Union Chicken serves only organically raised free range chickens and we were lucky enough to be able to try some of their new menu items set to launch July 19th.


UC Viet ‘Banh’ $13

A play on traditional Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich, they took some moist juicy pulled chicken and mixed it up with some spicy mayo and topped it all off with some thin slices of carrots, cucumbers & cilantro. The choice of a milk bun was smart to help absorb the mayo. It was an elevated chicken salad sandwich, great for a lighter option. Note: I personally didn’t find it spicy.


The Seoul Brother (Half $18, Whole $32)

If you’re really trying to satisfy your fried chicken craving and a lighter option just won’t do, I’d order The Seoul Brother. This fried chicken dish was more than just wings, it was the breast, thighs, legs and even back of the chicken. Fried, un-breaded but sauced with sweet and spicy Korean inspired flavours, cilantro and grilled lime. Let me tell you this was some of the moistest and non-greasy (*cough KFC, sorry Colonel Sanders*) fried chicken I’ve ever had. You can really notice the difference in quality when you go organic.


Uncle Ray’s Lightning Chicken ($16)

Now for those chicken enthusiast that like a huge kick, this spicy dish is for you. This Nashville Hot style Chicken has cayenne, chicken spice, habanero, and pickles on top of white bread. They actually use in-house chicken fat mixed with their Signature chicken spice and drizzle it on top. Try some if their UC Peri Peri Sauce with this one.


"Bigged" up salad/side (+7)

There will be a new option to make any of their salads into a ‘bigged’ up side by adding their juicy pulled chicken salad. We ‘bigged’ up our butter lettuce salad and the chicken definitely filled us up.


Triple Cooked Fries Poutine ($10)

Fried chicken and French fries go hand in hand, but when in Canada you got to turn it into a poutine. I’d recommend upping their Triple Cooked Fries into a Poutine with house made chicken gravy and cheese curds. So delicious!


Ridiculously Rich Warm Triple Chocolate Brownie - $9

A perfect cap to this savoury meal? What about ice cream melting over a warm chocolate brownie? This was perfect to end the nice, not too sweet, and not too hot but just right with a great balance of flavours.

Union Chicken, you make some gooooood chicken that I high recommend and will definitely be back for!


Contributor Stephanie of @Doctornom

Toronto based Optometrist who specializes in nomming. She’ll fix your eyes & eat your food.