TIFF Food on Film - Susur Lee on Eat Drink Man Woman


On a lovely, breezy Wednesday evening, I was invited to watch a screening of Ang Lee's 1994 classic Eat Drink Man Woman at Toronto's TIFF theatre. The title is derived from the Confucian classic Book of Rites which refers to each person’s natural desires. Before the movie began we were treated to an awesome spread generously produced from St. Lawrence Market vendors. Not your ordinary popcorn and soda set up! The spread included barbeque sauce over dumplings and meatball, one pork and one camel meat, with homemade veggie chips!


The movie follows Master Chef Chu, his three adult daughters and their search for love and meaning in Taipei. What's uniquely juxtaposed upon a rather basic storyline is the tale of how food and tea are often the central mediator of events.


After the movie, Chef Susur Lee spent some time on stage talking Q&A about his life as it relates to Master Chu. Definitely a great movie to go along with some great food!