Sugar Shack TO at Sugar Beach


On the first weekend of March break, we checked out the 2nd annual Sugar Shack TO.   Sugar Shack TO is a free, family-friendly, winter event on Toronto’s waterfront at Sugar Beach.   

It's a fun event for all ages which included a bunch of ice activities for kids, live entertainment, singing, dancing, and the making of maple taffy and malt cider right in front of your eyes. One of the best mouth watering maple-themed food events to attend!  My sweet tooth took a back seat and enjoyed the ride!


If you were there like we were, you got to enjoy items like fresh maple sap pecan stick, maple bacon poutine, maple ranch pierogies with crispy brussel sprouts and bacon and much more. As well there was traditional maple syrup, maple spreads and the sweet smell of maple candles, just to name a few.


First on the menu of delights was the Szechuan fried chicken sandwich from Heirloom.  This was a crispy chicken thigh topped with a homemade Szechuan sauce, pickled cucumber, bean sprouts, organic peanuts, cilantro and scallion aioli.  From the first bite, I wanted a second sandwich.

Next up, we visited Loaded Pierogi.  They have so many choices at their restaurant for lunch and dinner but at the SSTO event they featured the Cabbage Patch Kid and Porky Pig.  The Porky Pig had crispy centre cut bacon, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, sour cream and green onions.  This a must eat for bacon lovers who love pierogies!


As it was cold that day, we had to stop by Ma's Best Foods to get some homemade soup!  I had my favourite butternut squash but also enjoyed the flavour of creamy carrot coconut curry soup.  I think I have a new favourite…. Yummers!


There were many baked goods offered at this event.  Our family got to enjoy some fresh baked bread goodness from Fred’s Bread.


What a treat!  Bacon Nation had 3 great tasty morsels for the bacon lovers.  The Candied Bacon was sweet, salty and all around great!  They also had a Bacon Cheesecake which was a tasty treat.  The S’mores French Toast with Bacon looked absolutely scrumptious!


Our last stop was Chimney Stax.  Perfect timing as my frozen body needed the Maple Bacon Hot Chocolate.  We also got to enjoy a Sweet Stax, which comes in a variety of different flavours, that are baked, never fried. We had a fun time with them before we left.  Great staff and lots of laughs.

We would like to thank the Toronto Market Co. team for inviting us and putting together a wonderful event.  Nothing but great people made this a warm event in the midst of a cold day.  Some of the great vendors we got to talk to personally included: Heirloom, Nut & FudgeChimney Stax, Kungfu Dawg, Sapsucker and Loaded Pierogi.


Contributors Kevin & Rica of @superherofoodies

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