Rolltation - Creating Your Own Sushi Burrito

Rolltation is located right around the corner of OCAD University. If only this was here when I was a student at OCAD… dayumm, I would have been eating this every time I walked over to St. Patrick station. It’s too close, it’s dangerous! img_20160819_195352

I went to Rolltation with an entourage, because I knew I wanted to try a bit of everything! We had the Classic Salmon Burrito, Teri-Shrimp Burrito, Kimchi Beef Burrito, soft shell crab appetizer, and we made our own custom sushi burrito and a poké using the Roll Your Own option. The soft shell crab is one of the best I’ve ever tried!



It is normally assumed the signature menu items are the best thing to order, but at Rolltation, building your own sushi burrito/poké was immensely thrilling and gratifying! It’s the most amazing thing ever! It’s like Chipotle, but with sushi!


It can be quite intimidating at first. You may hesitate at the counter, feel doubt take over, give up and just order a signature item and leave wondering, “What if?” [For the record, the signature items are still pretty bomb]. But really choosing your own toppings is the beauty of this place. The staff is very patient, and non-judgmental, so be as creative and/or weird as you like! I’d have to admit, my first time was a bit experimental. I mean… I wasn’t totally sure if mango and Unagi sauce was going to go well together, but it was a harmonious unexpected relationship, and I am absolutely telling everyone I invented it! Also the best part of Roll Your Own is the option to have both Salmon and Tuna, it’s a no brainer! Rolltation’s ingredients are very fresh. I definitely recommend adding Avocado and Kani Salad, $1 extra each, to your order. It’s totally worth spending the extra dollar (okay, I lied… two dollars), but trust, it will take it to the next level! Their Kani salad topping is so creamy and delicious, it just blends everything together. For poké bowls, I recommend adding Avocado, seaweed salad, mango and pumpkin seed!


The sushi burrito rollers go HAM on the toppings! I couldn’t believe it as I watch them roll a mountain of ingredients into a portable handheld burrito. It was quite a feat.


And although my entourage devoured the signature items, we all agreed that our customized sushi burrito and poké bowl was the best. Our creation was so delicious, and the ingredients were so fresh, I can’t wait to create my next sushi burrito/poké bowl! I think I’ll try something a little different each time. For beginners, my tip is to think of your favourite sushi roll, and use that as a base. For example, if you love Dynamite rolls, choose shrimp tempura, mayo, cucumber, and avocado, and from there add what you think will complement it! And it doesn’t have to be sushi inspired. Rolltation’s selection of topping and sauces is so versatile, you can simulate just about any dish!