Paramount Fine Foods - Now Serving Brunch

Paramount Fine Foods now serves breakfast!  We dropped by their Front street location right by St. Lawrence Market. The newly launched breakfast menu has a focus on Middle Eastern specialty items, and features a variety of Manakeesh and fresh fruit juices.

Manakeesh is a traditional Middle Eastern breakfast item, made of baked dough and topped with cheese and spices.  Paramount offers the Manakeesh with a variety of toppings, including spinach, beef, chicken, mortadella (Italian sausage), zataar spices and cheese.  We tried the Zataar Manakeesh and Cheese Manakeesh, which were among the lighter flavours.  It was similar to a warm crispy and fluffy pizza, and was a great warm up for our breakfast.

We also tried some of Paramount’s weekend special items, available from 8am- 2pm on weekends and holidays.  The Fatteh/ Labneh was a middle eastern specialty breakfast bowl with layers of cooked chickpeas, hummus, crispy pita bread, topped with melted butter and nuts.  This was warm, hearty, but a bit on the plain side for those who crave salty, fatty breakfasts. The bowl was also decorated with a pita chip in the shape of “P” for Paramount!  Paramount also offers items more typical to Canadian tastes including the Omelette and Sausage plate that was very filling.