New York Fries Golden Poutine Fork Giveaway

Do you like Bacon?  Do you like Poutine?  Do you like Gold? New York Fries is celebrating International Bacon Day this Saturday (Sept. 5, 2015) with the launch of the Bacon Double Cheese Poutine, their newest specialty poutine. Make sure you cover your poutine/fries with their Cajun seasoning for extra deliciousness.  In addition to adding this new poutine to the menu, New York Fries is also giving away 108, 24-carat gold plated poutine forks to the first person visiting locations across Canada this Saturday who can correctly say “Bacon Double Cheese Poutine” in Pig Latin.  Each gold poutine fork also comes with a free Bacon Double Cheese Poutine!  See below for more info.  If you didn’t know already, Bacon Double Cheese Poutine in Pig Latin is properly pronounced “aconbay oubleday eesechay outinepay.”

How to win a New York Fries 24-carat Golden Poutine Fork on International Bacon Day
To win you must be the first person to visit a participating New York Fries location on September 5, 2015 and correctly say “Bacon Double Cheese Poutine” in Pig Latin. Two chances to correctly say the phrase. If the Pig Latin fails to flow after two attempts the next participant will have the chance to win it. For more info, including participating New York Fries locations, please visit: