Group of 7 Chefs X TABASCO Sauce

Last week, TABASCO Canada held a party featuring some of Toronto’s top chefs who served dishes inspired by TABASCO Sauce. When I arrived at Propeller Coffee, I was surprised to walk into a mini food festival! The “Group of 7 Chefs” who were featured included Scott Vivian (Beast), Nick Liu (Dai Lo), Chris Brown (Citizen Catering), Bertrand Alepee (The Tempered Room), Steve Gonzalez (Valdez), Dustin Gallagher (416 Snack Bar/ Peoples Eatery) and Anthony Walsh (Canoe). These guys recently took a trip to Avery Island, Louisiana, the birthplace and home of TABASCO sauce. Using this trip as inspiration, each of the chefs created a delicious dish with TABASCO as a feature ingredient. The food festival atmosphere was really cool as guests could speak with the chefs as we tried their tasty food.

The event was TABASCO everything! There were bottles of TABASCO everywhere I looked. There was also a huge barrel of super spicy pepper mash, which TABASCO is made from. Silver Spoon necklaces were awarded to those brave enough to sample a spoonful of this raw pepper mash! Throughout the night, guests sipped on crazy TABASCO inspired cocktails including a Jalapeno Mojito and a Smoked Caesar. There was also a endless supply of TABASCO infused rum shots to keep the party going all night.

My favourite dish of the night was the Crab and Duck Gumbo that Chef Anthony Walsh made. It was a ridiculously delicious gumbo with salted TABASCO Sauce cornbread, smoked duck and crab meat that he covered in butter and flame torched in front of us.

Here’s the full lineup of the Chefs and Dishes that were featured at the #FeedYourOriginal event:

Chef Bertrand Alepee (The Tempered Room)- Croissant Po’boy with TABASCO Chipotle Sauce, Pulled Chicken and Apple Remoulade

Chef Steve Gonzalez (Valdez)- Caesar Ceviche with Snow Crab, Tomato, TABASCO Sauce, Clam, Black Pepper, Horse Radish, Raw and Pickled Vegetables, Latino 5 Space, Corn Chip Cilantro Chef

Dustin Gallagher (416 Snack Bar/ Peoples Eatery)- Olive Oil Corn Cake with Corn Sorbet, Salted TABASCO Sauce and Caramel Corn

Chef Chris Brown (Citizen Catering)- Avery Island Salt Crusted Wild Boar with Biscuit, White Gravy and Slaw

Chef Nick Liu (DaiLo)- Avery Island Salt Cured Pickerel with Tomato and TABASCO Dashi, Pickled Honey Mushrooms and Wasabi Green Peas

Chef Scott Vivian (Beast)- Boudin Balls with TABASCO Sauce, Pickled Celery, Chilled Collared Greens, Potlicker Aioli Chef

Chef Anthony Walsh (Canoe)- Fogo Island Crab and Duck Gumbo with Salted TABASCO Sauce Corn Bits

Thanks to all the Chefs for the great food and also to TABASCO Canada and iYellow Wine Club for organizing a super fun party!