Gentleman's Collection Wine Launch Party

Last month, we had the opportunity to attend the Gentleman’s Collection Wine launch in Toronto. The event was held at the Berkley Bicycle Club and the venue was transformed into an interactive “Gentleman” themed wine party to celebrate their Canadian launch. Gentleman's Collection Wine Launch

With the help of iYellow Wine Club, the entire place was covered in gentlemanly decor including ties hung from the ceiling and tips on #HowToGent throughout.  As guests enjoyed free flowing Gentleman’s Collection wine, there were also many fun activities throughout the indoor/outdoor venue.

Gentlemans Collection Wine Launch

A roulette table was available to play at (with grooming kits to be won) and The Fitting Room was set up for on the spot haircuts.

Gentlemans Collection Wine Launch

I had a great time enjoying wine with my friends Alex (@hypebelly) and Rey (@eatnmingle) as I watched them get haircuts in the middle of the event.

Craft Paper Catering for Gentleman's Collection Wine Launch

If you have ever been to a iYellow Wine Club party, you know they don’t mess around when it comes to wine pairings, including cheese plates and food. The kitchen was open to guests as Chef Kyle Wyatt and his Craft Paper Catering team setup incredible plates of cured meat and cheeses.  I camped out here all night.

Craft Paper Catering for Gentleman's Collection Wine Launch

I especially enjoyed the cheese made with the Gentleman’s Collection wine and beautiful giant blocks of blue cheese from Cheese Boutique.  Chef Kyle Wyatt had also cured his own selection of charcuterie for this event.

Gentleman's Collection Cabernet Sauvignon

The Gentleman’s Collection is an easy to drink Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia.  It is a medium dry red that is easy to pair with a variety of foods.  I have recently started appreciating and enjoying red wines more and I really enjoyed the smooth, mellow, tart characteristics of the Gentleman’s Collection.

Gentleman's Collection Wine Launch

Gentleman's Collection Cabernet Sauvignon is available at the LCBO. Click here for more details.