Frescola by Che Popup Argentine Feast (An Animated Story)

With tons of wine from Select Wine and beer from Sweetgrass Brewing in everyone’s hand, the party was ready to get started. Plates were constantly laid out on the counter and prepped beautifully by the Chefs as guests snapped pictures of the action.


The Che Food Truck has been serving delicious Argentinian food for years in Toronto.  If you’ve ever met Chef/ Owner Sebastian Gallucci, you know how energetic and passionate he is about food. He recently hosted a private popup dinner with fellow Argentine Chef Massimiliano (also from Che) and I was there for the 10 course feast. The dinner took place in a small loft in the east end of the city, where about 25 attendees crowded around Seb and Massi as they cooked and served us dish after dish of their signature Argentinian food that will be featured at their soon to be opened “Frescola by Che” restaurant. It was such an action packed night that we had to tell this story using animated gifs.


The first dish of the night was an Argentinian Shrimp Ceviche topped off with vibrant edible flowers. Tons of fresh citrus flavours on a tostada.


Seb also invited a friend from Quebec, Marie Beauchemin, who runs a family owned duck farm called Canard du Village that supplies some of Toronto’s top restaurants. Marie brought a few ducks to the party, where Seb and Massi made delicious mushroom and duck crostini bites.  Loved the strong mushroom flavours with the juicy duck meat. Definitely a hit.


Up next was a colourful salad with flavourful veggies like Rhubarb, Arugula, Asparagus and Fennel. All mixed in with fresh strawberries, honey, Parmigiano, tons of citrus and spice.


Sopa de Pescado is a traditional fish soup that was served from a big pot that was cooking all day before we guests arrived.  A nice warm, hearty course.


It was tons of fun, as guests enjoyed delicious food in the loft space and patio where the DJ played music all night. In addition to friends and family, many food bloggers were in attendance. It was truly a food party!


Nobody was left hungry, as Seb and Massi started making Empanadas right in front of the guests. Spiced ground beef was carefully folded into a sheet of dough. The craziest part was that while making the empanadas, Seb kept hinting at a rooftop BBQ that was being prepared upstairs. The Empanadas were outstanding. Baked to perfection.


Seb and Massi enjoyed wine with the guests as they told the story behind their Pollo in Gondola dish.  A roasted chicken dish on polenta.


After devouring the empanadas, we were led to the rooftop (yeah there was a rooftop patio at this loft!), where a traditional Argentinian BBQ was being prepared, also known as an Asado.


A variety of meat was thrown on the grill including a ton of beef. Juicy cuts of Entrana (beef skirt steak), Duck Breasts from Canard du Village and endless amounts of Chorizo sausages that they used to make Che Food Truck’s Choripan sandwiches- a Toronto favourite!


The Che team worked hard all night long and everyone left feeling more than satisfied.  After attending this private dinner party, my lasting impression is that Chef/ Owner Sebastian is on a mission to create and serve amazing food to anyone and everyone. Looking forward to the opening of their new Frescola restaurant!