Feast of St. Lawrence Media Walking Tour


Coming to the St. Lawrence Market this August 2017, is the famed Feast of St. Lawrence. The 3- day event features a 5-course dinner prepared by top chefs in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood to create an outdoor dining experience unlike any other. We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to be part of the media event that gave us a glimpse of what’s to come.


Our first stop was at Barsa Taberna, where we sampled the Tomato and Corn Gazpacho. The Tomato Gazpacho was served with a salty salsa base, which then had a chilled tomato water poured over it. The Corn Gazpacho was served hot for us to provide a contrast to the chilled Tomato Gazpacho. We definitely preferred the Corn, but could not imagine it served cold.


Next stop was Biff’s Bistro, a popular destination to many in the financial district. The appetizer served was quite disappointing. The mushroom shaped sausage rolls on a wooden board with “fresh radishes and arugula” scattered about, reminded me of what one could pick up at a convenience store in the UK. It was bread heavy, salty, and the presentation made everything look like it was quite literally “thrown together”.


Woods served us their Canadian Prime Rib Striploin dish. This was by far the best dish of the day. The chef explained how the beef was put in a sous-vide bath and then cold smoked to simulate a barbeque taste with a non grilled texture. The grilled corn watermelon radish salad, and salsa verde complimented the beef extremely well. Not to mention, the woody touches of the restaurant really added to the name and experience. We would highly recommend a visit, even if it’s just for the ambiance.


The Omni King Edward Hotel served a cured salmon with a Dijon sauce. The piece of salmon wasn’t big enough for us to taste and appreciate the time it took to cure the salmon. The showcased plate also didn’t look very appealing, looking incomplete and lacking.  


Hawthorne Food & Drink was our last stop. This social enterprise has trained hundreds of people needing skill and experience including unemployed youth. Their dish was like a toast hors d'ouevres with anchovies, olives, and a beef spread. The anchovies overpowered this dish but the quail egg yolk added an unexpected creaminess.

If you are interested in having a dinner under the stars in the historic St. Lawrence Neighbourhood, you can purchase your tickets here: https://feastofstlawrence.ca/tickets/ .


Contributor Anderson @huyanderson