Cuisine & Cuvée at Rebel Nightclub


 I was lucky enough to score tickets to Providence Healthcare Foundation’s 17th annual Cuisine & Cuvée event. This year the sold-out event was held at one of Toronto’s premier waterfront venues, REBEL. Tickets to the event included experiencing a wide range of food, drinks, music and the chance to participate in raffles and silent auctions. Proceeds from this grand affair are to support Providence Healthcare, which provides rehabilitation, palliative & long-term care to those in our community.


At this smorgasbord event, we were able to taste and sample food and drinks from 36 different vendors. As a result, we had one huge flavourful meal consisting of various interesting apps, hearty entrees, and delicious desserts. Let's focus on some of the dishes that left my mouth salivating for more.

Starting with appetizers:


Bothwell provided a wonderful selection of cheeses, including truffle cheese. The smell and the taste of the truffles infused so perfectly with the cheese. I definitely went back for seconds. What a wonderful combo.


The corn & zucchini fritters with guava jam from Brennan’s Gourmade Thyme were very unique. The refreshingly sweet guava jam provided a nice balance to the savoury fritters. 

Moving on to the mains:


The chicken adobo from Casa Manila was delicious. The saucy dish was served with a bit of rice in a boat. 


Another standout dish was the Cavatelli from Locale Mercatto. Smoked Ontario trout served with arugula, roasted shallots & lemon pesto was delicately tossed together by the chef, this dish was hearty, yet light.


e11evn served up diver scallops with truffled celeriac puree, honey, mushrooms & bacon jam. For such an event I was surprised how well the scallops were cooked.

Fast forward to the desserts:

Ice cream from Ice Volcano. Ice cream is always good, but when it comes with a mini show, who can say no? They make the ice cream with liquid nitrogen right in front of you. At this event, they served up mint ice cream with crushed oreo.


Casa Manila also served up a vibrantly purple ube cake that was nice and fluffy.

Last but not least, the drinks:


Fresh fruits turned into cold drinks, served in the actual fruit from Tropic Love. The watermelon drink was cool and refreshing after a filling meal. The flesh of the watermelon was blended with ice, then served in half of the watermelon, appropriately decorated with a mini paper umbrella. How festive.

After the food was all served, the dance floor turned up with wonderful live music. This was truly a great event to raise money for Providence Healthcare and those they serve.

Contributor Stephanie of @Doctornom

Toronto based Optometrist who specializes in nomming. She'll fix your eyes & eat your food.