21 Day #HealthyAroma Challenge

Over the past few years as a food blogger, I have been very fortunate in having the opportunity to try restaurants around Toronto and attend media events on a weekly basis. I attend food events often, sometimes everyday of the week and it has led me to develop some unhealthy eating habits. On top of that, I recently came back from a trip to Asia, where I went a little crazy with all the delicious food and I gained 15 pounds. I run a Physiotherapy clinic (Good Physiotherapy) full time in addition to food blogging- a busy lifestyle that has taken a toll on my health. One of my goals this year is to improve my lifestyle through healthy eating and exercise.

I have enlisted some help from my friends at Aroma Espresso Bar to help me achieve this goal through the #healthyaroma Challenge. For the next 21 days, I will be eating 2 meals a day at Aroma Espresso Bar locations around Toronto. I will be exploring Aroma’s extensive salad menu and some of their healthy soup and sandwich items. My other meals and snacks will be left open for home cooking or watching what I eat at food events. As a Physiotherapist, I always preach active exercise, and I will be incorporating a progressive cardio and strength training program to my 21 day challenge. During this time, I will still be covering food in Toronto, but with a healthier focus. Follow me on Instagram (@goodfoodtoronto) and Snapchat (goodfoodtoronto) for daily updates! 

Check out Aroma’s full food menu and nutritional information here.