McDelivery Day in Canada

If you didn’t already know, you can now have McDonald’s delivered to you anywhere you want it in select regions through their new partnership with UberEATS. Whether you’re in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa or Edmonton – UberEats can officially McDeliver to you! For Canadians, this has been a long time coming and McDonald’s is celebrating [...]

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McDonald’s All Day Breakfast – Now Available in Canada

McDonald’s Canada announced that they will be serving all day breakfast across the country! Today's the day (February 21st, 2017)!  McDonald’s all day breakfast starts today and we could not be more excited. Most people know I’m a big fan of McDonald’s, so this is huge news. The thought of being able to order the coveted Sausage Egg McMuffin on a [...]

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McDonald’s Secret Secret Menu Challenge 2016 + $100 Contest

I was invited to attend The Secret Secret Menu Challenge at McDonald’s Canada Head Quarters. If you’re a fan of McDonald’s or fast food, secret menu items are nothing new.  McDonald’s crew and managers across Ontario were challenged to create the ultimate secret menu breakfast or dessert item using existing McDonald’s ingredients.  After hundreds of [...]

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McDonald’s Canada McTasters

Have you tried the new McTasters from McDonald’s? These snack size sandwiches come in 2 spicy flavours- Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken and Mexican Chipotle Burger.  I’m always interested when McD’s launches new sandwiches, especially when they are under $3.  I went to the Mcdonald’s down the street with a few friends and we ordered a [...]

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McCafé Specialty Coffee for $1 – ends Oct 9

Coffee is life.  McDonald’s is offering Small McCafé Specialty Coffees for $1 until Oct. 9, 2016. For $1 you can get a small latte, cappuccino, Americano, mocha or their new pumpkin spice latte.  McDonald’s Canada takes its coffee seriously and all the McCafé specialty coffees are made with 100% Arabica espresso beans that are 100% Rainforest [...]

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Introducing: McDonald’s Mighty Angus Burger

The first item on the Mcdonald’s menu in 1967 was a hamburger and since then, McDonald’s has served over 300 billion burgers to hungry customers worldwide! I have seen McDonald’s Canada introduce new items in recent years including different wraps and salads, but it’s safe to say that burgers are their “bread and butter.” This [...]

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McDonald’s next legend: The CBO Sandwich.

A few days ago, I received a mystery box in the mail! When I opened the package, I immediately recognized the McDonald’s® logo on the wrapping paper, and was hoping they sent me a Big Mac as I was pretty hungry (McNuggets would have been good too!). To my surprise, the box contained some very [...]

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