Fluffy Japanese Pancakes with T-Fal Extreme Titanium Frying Pan

I recently added the new T-Fal Extreme Titanium frypan to my kitchen.  It sounded like the perfect cookware for myself as I often make a mess when I cook, including getting food stuck and burned onto pans. T-Fal’s Extreme Titanium line of cookware is the newest in their non stick technology, made with a [...]

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Kinka Izakaya at Church Street

If you’re looking for the best authentic Japanese food in town, then Kinka Izakaya is the place. Not only is the food amazing but the service is excellent, proving their motto “serving people happiness” true! I was invited to a grand opening event there, not that the restaurant was new, it has been at 398 [...]

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Nome Izakaya

izakaya… It’s been around 1 year since I last ate or drank at Nome Izakaya and it was definitely busier during a recent visit with some friends! People were waiting to be seated right at 6 pm when they open. It was also a tuesday, where they feature $1 oysters! These were malpeque oysters, which [...]

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Sushi Bong.

cheap sushi... If you're looking for some good value for sushi, Sushi Bong is the place to go. They offer giant portions for cheap prices, which are 2 key aspects for an awesome deal! This is a small Korean run restaurant in North York that mostly does takeout for people in the Condos around the [...]

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Manpuku Modern Japanese Eatery.

japanese fast food... One of my friends, Shirley, who is part Japanese suggested that we try this place called Manpuku. Manpuku Modern Japanese Eatery is a small sit down restaurant that serves Japanese dishes other than sushi (ex. noodles, rice dishes and small Japanese snacks). The place is run by actual Japanese people, which is [...]

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Ginza Sushi.

sushi... When I get sushi, I mostly go to all you can eat sushi places, but decided to go along with some friends to Ginza Sushi for dinner. My first impression of this place was that it seemed very modern looking with lots of colorful lit up tables. Looking through the menu, most of us [...]

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