Union Chicken Summer Menu Launch

Long gone are those childhood memories of heading to Swiss Chalet for rotisserie chicken. Union Chicken located at Sherway Gardens Mall is THE place to go to satisfy that clucking craving. Not your typical mall restaurant, when you enter Union Chicken you’re greeted by a country hipster vibe with chicken trinkets scattered about and a [...]

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Kinka Izakaya at Church Street

If you’re looking for the best authentic Japanese food in town, then Kinka Izakaya is the place. Not only is the food amazing but the service is excellent, proving their motto “serving people happiness” true! I was invited to a grand opening event there, not that the restaurant was new, it has been at 398 [...]

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Tai Ping Hsiang BBQ.

taiwanese food!... Went to grab lunch yesterday with my brother Kendrew.  We were both craving some asian food and I suggested this taiwanese place, "Tai Ping Hsiang BBQ" at Metro Square in Markham.  I was originally introduced to this place by my taiwanese friend Peter Cheng (anyone need a real estate agent?!) and I have been [...]

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Popeyes Chicken.

fried chicken... My friend had a specific craving for some Popeyes chicken the other day, so we headed over to Popeyes. We got the 3 piece chicken "bonafide combo", which comes with 3 pieces of chicken, a biscuit and a side. There is actually a huge variety of sides you can choose from at Popeyes [...]

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