J’Adore Hot Pot- All You Can Eat with a High Tea Flare

If you've ever thought that your go-to hot pot restaurant was missing a sophisticated high tea flare, then J'Adore Hot Pot might be what you are looking for.  Once the initial shock of the French inspired decor wears off, you'll quickly realize that you're in for a hot pot treat! As a pescatarian, I often [...]

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Dufflet After Dark: All You Can Eat Cake!

Sometimes you just need cake! Well, in my books – it’s all the time. Thankfully there’s Dufflet After Dark at Dufflet-Beach that offers all you can eat cake. Yes, ladies and gents: All You Can Eat Cake! A table full of cakes! Initially, I imagined a football field worth of cakes to choose from but instead [...]

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